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What is an e-portfolio? Why do you need to know?

What is an e-Portfolio?

A Glow e-Portfolio is a digital way for pupils to share information. Pupils can document their learning experiences, reflecting on their personal progress, recording self assessment and can also attach photographs and samples of work as evidence. They can also use an e-Portfolio to share personal achievements.

Why do we need to know?

Having a digital e-Portfolio is useful as all learners are able to access their Glow accounts at school and home. It gives them a central place to record key learning experiences and encourages them to be reflective. E-Portfolio’s can be shared with class teachers so that they can keep track of a learners personal progress. Parents and carers can also be shown it by pupils to keep them informed about learning.

In Midlothian, primary schools are using Glow e-Portfolio’s in Primary 7 so that pupils can create Learner Profiles which can be shared during their first week of high school. Other schools have started this process further down the school instead of using a paper based folio of work.

Glow have provided excellent step by step instructions on setting up an e-portfolio which include video and written instructions here.