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Green Screen and iMovie

In our Loanbank, we have a green screen available which can be used alongside iMovie to create films, tell stories, explain ideas and express yourself in a variety of ways.

The green screen effect is used by actors in films to make it look as though characters are in different places when in reality they are at a film studio. For example, using green screen, films set in space can be created.

Using the Green Screen by Do Ink app (£2.99), pupils can create footage using their own backdrops. When learning about French, pupils have used a Paris background or a weather chart when reporting the weather. Recently, as part of our mi:SPACE project, pupils have been using Green Screen to create lots of films. Here is an example of one. If you are interested in watching more, our mi:SPACE Glow Video Channel has many more excellent examples.

Using Green Screen from Midlothian LTT on Vimeo.

Animation at Saint Mary’s

Primary 5 at Saint Mary’s Primary School have been learning about the V.I.B bear as part of their Interdisciplinary learning. In cooperative learning groups, they created animations using I Can Animate app and tripods. Here are some examples of what can be done using our animation kit from the Loanbank.


Stars of Fame Animation – Saint Mary’s PS from Midlothian LTT on Vimeo.

Pokeminion Animation – Saint Mary’s PS from Midlothian LTT on Vimeo.

FangGang Animation – Saint Mary’s PS from Midlothian LTT on Vimeo.

5 Bears Animation – Saint Mary’s PS from Midlothian LTT on Vimeo.

Teddy Bears Animation St Mary’s from Midlothian LTT on Vimeo.

STEM Challenges with Sphero

STEM Challenges with Sphero

Sphero Education have created STEM challenges which can be completed by using Sphero. There are many ideas from schools across the world on Twitter and Pinterest but here are a few lesson plans available from their website which could be useful.

Chariot Challenge

Introduction: Intro-1ykmhip

Challenge Documents: STEM1-2keb1cn


Bridge Building Challenge


Challenge Documents: STEM2-22jakud


Hydro Hypothesis Challenge


Challenge Documents: STEM3-1s5ympp


Maze Mayhem Challenge

Introduction: Intro-1ykmhm4

Challenge Documents: STEM4-15g3uf4



STEM Challenges with Sphero

Sphero Maths Lessons

Sphero Education provides lots of different resources which support teachers in delivering Maths experiences and outcomes. They provide an introduction, student guide, teacher guide and worksheet for each lesson. By clicking on the PDF’s below, you will get access to the materials you will need.

2D Geometry

Introduction: Intro-1ykmgul

Student Guide: MacroLab2_StudentGuide-1lv770v

Teacher Guide: MacroLab2_TeacherGuide-27c7yaq

Worksheet: MacroLab2_Worksheet-y83spq


Mean, Median and Mode

Introduction: Intro-1ykmh0w

Student Guide: MacroLab3_StudentGuide-1uxn9ff

Teacher Guide :MacroLab3_TeacherGuide-10a00b1

Worksheet: MacroLab3_Worksheet-1vp9cci




Student Guide: MacroLab4_StudentGuide-1mcup4j

Teacher Guide: MacroLab4_TeacherGuide-28zzb2e

Worksheet: MacroLab4_Worksheet-ooyy3d


Patterns and Colours

Introduction: Intro-1ykmh5a

Student Guide: MacroLab5_StudentGuide-1uhjv6e

Teacher Guide: MacroLab5_TeacherGuide-ypocyx

Worksheet: MacroLab5_Worksheet-244fvar


Time, Distance, Speed

Introduction: ._Intro-22rzhzl

Student Guide: ._MacroLab1_StudentGuide-1fhvn8f

Teacher Guide: ._MacroLab1_TeacherGuide-2azzuq8

Worksheet: ._MacroLab1_Worksheet-2ge6onh


Other fun learning opportunities: Angles-266z2om