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Augmented Reality

This week we have been experimenting with Augmented Reality (AR) Apps that are free and brilliant!


Quiver – Let 3D augmented reality take your colouring to the next level…

Step 1: Print your colouring page from this link Colouring Packs

Step 2: Colour in your picture

Step 3: Bring it to life. Open the Quiver app and hold the camera over your colouring page and watch it come to life.

Here are some examples I did below:











HeartCam – An augmented reality heart viewer that creates the effect of seeing someone’s heart beating through a hole in their chest

Step 1: Print and attach this image to your chest

Step 2: Open the HeartCam app and point the camera to the image


Great to use for children learning about The Human Body. You also have the option to zoom in and out to look closer at different areas of the heart.



Anatomy 4D – An interactive 4D experience of human anatomy 

Step 1: Print images of The Human Body and The Heart here

Step 2: Open Anatomy 4D app and point camera over one of the images

Step 3: Explore…

a4d heart4d

This app would be suitable for older pupils



Animal 4D+ – A new way of seeing animals in Augmented Reality giving you both interesting and informative facts about animals through A to Z

Step 1: Print out cards from here

Step 2: Open Animal 4D+ and point camera over selected image

Step 3: Learn and explore




Space 4D+ – Embark on a space exploration experience. A collection of 37 AR flashcards about space including the solar system, planets, space objects, satellites, rovers and space missions

Step 1: Print AR flashcards here

Step 2: Open Space 4D+ app and point camera over selected image

Step 3: Learn and explore




Octaland 4D+ – Flashcards include people, houses, vehicles and other AR magic!

Step 1: Print AR cards from here

Step 2: Open Octaland 4D+ app and point camera over selected image

Step 3: Learn and explore