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With a Virtual Reality (VR) viewer and Google Expeditions, pupils can go on school trips around the world from their classroom. Expeditions enables teachers to guide groups of pupils through a variety of 360° and 3D images while pointing out interesting sights and information along the way.

On the Expeditions app, available from the app store, there are opportunities to take children to the Great Barrier Reef, National Parks in America, San Diego Zoo, Everest, Shark Diving and beyond. The app is quick and easy to use and pupils can connect to a lesson from their VR device if they are using the same wifi network.


On the above expedition, the teacher is able to take children shark diving. Without any prior knowledge of sharks, the teacher is able to deliver information using prompts and information provided on the app. Pupils can be prompted to look at different areas of the 360° image and can follow arrows on their VR devices so that everyone can see the same thing.

In Midlothian, Strathesk PS invited Google Expeditions to their school. All staff received 15 minutes of training and then delivered expeditions to their classes with the support of Google staff. The photograph below shows a class of P7 visiting the moon.


Google Expeditions offer free visits to schools and staff training as well as bringing all of the kit. If interested in having this experience in your school please contact the Learning Technology Team for further information.